21 April 2019

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Eroica on bike

Eroica on bike

In the first days of October Chianti is in its best shape for Eroica.

The main rule of the competition is: all participants must run with a vintage bike and be adventurous spirits. The absolute protagonists are the gravel road, so called white roads! They are the most typical feature of the Sienese landscape!

NO PANIC: if you are well trained, and if you love well living, you can come as well and take advantage of the many and different food and beverage activities that you can join in this occasion.

The Eroica is in fact not only competition, it is also a fantastic bike pathway that all tourists can join every time of the year and all year long. The pathways for tourists are two: the 205 km long one and the medium one (135 km). Starting and end point Gaiole in Chianti.