18 April 2019

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Palio of Siena 2019

Palio of Siena 2019

The dates of the competition are:

– 2nd July 2019

– 16th August 2019

This famous and ancient horse competition takes place in Piazza del Campo in Siena twice the year. Every town area (contrada) is like a little state with its government.

Tradition and festival

The race in itself lasts three laps around the Piazza del Campo, indeed this moment is far more than a competition: it is a great festival lasting for all Summer and having its climax at the beginning of the week where the palio takes place and for the people of Siena, this is a battle for life!

The night before is called “pre-palio” and it is the general rehearsal of the Palio. You can join it and live that fantastic atmosphere.

During the Palio there are festivals in the various contradas and the official dinner is very important too. If you want to join the official contrada dinner, if you want to take part to the palio on the balcony, we have availability of places and will be ready to help you! Just ask us for information.