20 April 2019

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Fiera del Luca San Gusmè 2019

Fiera del Luca San Gusmè 2019

It is told that a innkeeper in San Gusmè had a field, but his guests, after they drank and ate in his Taverna, went to release themselves in front of his door. The innkeeper was such in a bad mood and wrote a sign in front of his field “TOILET”. But nobody was able to read at the time…

So he made a statue of a man in a very clear position and put it in front of the field. The people understood and the door of the inn staid clean.

During the 50es this story was rediscovered by an important radio speaker and actor, Silvio Gigli, who was from San Gusmè and the tradition of LUCA CAVA (wordplay for “toilet man”) represents one of the funniest festivals of the area, in a pure Tuscan style.

September 1st-9th (ask for the programme at the desk of our facility, when available)